Welcome to Northworks Solutions Ltd. We are a software company that produce professional software programs, mainly targeted towards internet email marketing. Since 2003 we have developed three different programs for extracting email addresses from the internet. The first one was called MailCrawl and used keywords in conjunction with several different search engines for finding websites to extract email addresses from. It has since been replaced by a more powerful and modern version called ECrawl.

The second email extractor was called ProCrawl and was quite unique in the technique it used by extracting email addresses directly from the mail servers. It could very quickly find millions of email addresses per hour. It was extremely accurate and found almost exclusively valid email addresses. However due to global modernisation of mail servers, this program and the technique it used is no longer functional and the program has since been retired.

The third email extractor is called ECrawl and is currently the most effective email extractor available. It's not uncommon to get speeds in excess of 500,000 emails/hour when using ECrawl. It uses keywords or a list of websites to operate. It's similar to MailCrawl with the exception of tons of more features and support for hundreds of simultaneous connections. It's very fast and can provide extremely accurate results. Read more about it here and download a free demo to try it.

Quality professional software is what we do best and customer satisfaction is always important to us. Whenever you have problems or questions we urge you to contact us so we can sort it out. Our door is always open, regardless if you are a paying customer or just dropping by.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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